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Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Hazel Grisham Wade has kindly given the Rowlett Genealogical Society permission to copy the pages of her book, "Cemetery Inscriptions of Dallas County Rowlett & Garland Texas" which was written in 1998. You may freely provide a link to this web site, but you may not duplicate these copywrited pages without either her consent or the consent of Linda-Jeanne Dolby, who has created this site.

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is located between the towns of Sachse and Rowlett. The entrance to the cemetery is on Merritt Road close to the Pleasant Valley and Merritt intersection.

Note: The following gravestones are not in alphabetic order. Also, the list is incomplete, as it will take awhile to copy all the pages. Please note date below for last time page was updated to help you keep track of your search.

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List of Gravestones

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