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The Ardsley High School Class of 1963 held their 40th reunion at the Marriott Hotel in Tarrytown, NY June 27-30, 2003. The turnout was great, the renewed friendships amazing, and the memories outstanding!

For those in the area Friday night, we met at the hotel lobby bar, were squeals of delight could be heard as each new classmate arrived. There was also much laughter as memories of our high school escapades were recounted and some of us were there until the wee hours of the morning. Some of the photos taken include: (coming soon)

Saturday afternoon some of us met at the High School for a tour. There were many changes since we went there; updated looks for the office and guidance area, bigger and rearranged gyms, well equipt sports fields and a new 2-story library. We stood on the stage, looked out into the seats and remembered our Senior Play and Commencement. Some of the photos taken include:

Some of AHS tour group - Carl, Pam, Danny, Sue, Joanna, Kathy, Linette, Ellen, Judy, Linda M., George, Linda H.

Saturday night was our dinner. Chuck Kalmykow was our MC. Some of the classmates speaking included JoAnn "Esposito" Hogan, Jon Strand, Arlene "Ardanowski" Oraby, Judy "Lieberman" Rosenthal who updated us on our teachers, Linette "Riva" Reyes, Harlan Mathews, and our former Pres, Greg Zimmer who reminded us of times and tales as only Greg could. Some of the photos taken include:

Snapshot 2 - JoAnn, Kathy, Eileen, Elaine & Pam

Snapshot 4 - Judy & Chuck

Snapshot 6 - George & Ellen

Snapshot 8 - Tom, Bill & George

Original Group - Those who were together from K thru 12

Sunday afternoon was a picnic at McDowell Park in Ardsley. Some of the photos taken include: (coming soon)

Thanks to Mike, Chuck and Russ for contributing the pictures.

Overall, our 40th reunion was a great success and many voiced the opinion that we should not wait another 40 years for the next reunion ... "let's do it again in 5 or 10 years". Have to say the hardest part of putting the reunion together, was finding everyone after all those years; but George Taranto and I were happy to be able to put this reunion together.

See you all in a few years, and don't be a stranger if you're in the area,

Linda "MacLoon" Dolby

ps: Will need some help identifying people in photos. If you recognize someone, could you email me ( and tell me which photo and what they were wearing. Thanks.